How to get cheap airfare tickets

Low Cost Airfare Tickets

Airfare tickets aren’t cheap nowadays, prices of gas are getting high so does the airfare tickets. But wait there are always ways of getting cheap airfare tickets. Most of the airline companies has seasonal promotions and other marketing to provide passengers in buying cheap airfare tickets.

Well I made a list of possibilities on how to buy cheap airfare tickets.

Book early – if you book at least two weeks on your scheduled domestic flight and at least one month on international fights then you save about 50% off of the original airline ticket price.
Buy round airfare tickets – Make sure to get round trip tickets for your travel
Avoid holiday flights – Airline companies increase the airfare during holiday schedules or peak seasons such as christmas and major holidays.
Flexible flight dates – If you are willing to leave on the day earlier or later of your scheduled flight then you will get cheap airfare tickets.
Mid week flights – Schedule your flight on the middle of the week like tues, wed and thurs.
Some airports are cheaper – If you are willing to travel on on other state or city for a cheap airfare tickets . You can use some of the other neighboring airports around you.
Search the web – Some websites offers cheap airfare tickets.
Most in the list above applies to the major airline companies around the world.